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About Us - MYSZATKA FCI - Great Danes Kennel
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About Us

  • AKIRA Blekitny Klan
    AKIRA Blekitny Klan


At my home, I always have dogs but not only the pure breed.
I didin't expect that my first meeting with great dane changed my whole life. It was a love from first sight and  I am still complitelly falling in love with this breed.
1983 it is a first year of kennel Myszatka.

My foundation bith was beautiful blue lady AKIRA Blekitny Klan, who was the "rescue" dogs. She was owned by people who treat her as an inverstment instead a friend.AKIRA despite of many unpleasent moments in her life had  wonderful, strong charakter and was great mummy for her children.
From her first litter, I kept the male dog - ARLET- who was a special dog in my life. ARLET was not only beautifil dog (Polish Champion) but he had also great charakter. He passed BH I and II and also IPO-I I and IPO- II.
From second litter - "B" I kept  next male dog - BIES - he was different than ARLET. Very big and quite, lovely boy, was also Champion of Poland and passed BH I and II. In the house the boss  was of course ARLET.

The bloodline of ARLET was continued by his daughter - DZUNA BandAt the age of 8 months she saved my house agains a thief !!
Her first child was black CHEYENNE CARBON, who staid with us and was really wonderful dog.
After DZUNA gone away the line of ARLET came to the end.

Second part of our history strated with  little puppy  - SAPHIR van die Stryelantse. "SONNY" this is how we call her, is an impressive and ellegant lady who got not only titles of Polish Champion and Junior Champion but also International Champion .

When her show carrier was in the end  the first litter was born. From this mating we kept charming FANNY GIRL. The litter "G" is really perfekt and  I think the best I bred. This is why I kept three females: GRACJA,GEORGIA,GERDA and 1 male - GOLF. They all are very sucessful and won on shows not only in Poland but in other countries.The next outstanding- litter is J- kids of our princess GERDA: JUANITA, JOVANKA, JULIA and JUMPER are stars of the rings.

From JOVANKA’s litter I kept very handsome girl with ring’s temperament – MANON and now  she is the elegant star on the rings with Polish and International Champion's Title.  

I working hard and do everything I can to have beautiful, healthy puppies with great charakter.
Puppies grow in the house with full contact with family and other dogs. This is why I am interested in finding them homes where they are family members.

Beauty and charakter this is my goal !