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    Merry Christmas to All!!!




    We have blue boy and girl for sale!!!


    New pictures of puppies!!!

    Click in PUPPIES -Actual litter

    We have a puppies!!!!

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    05.01.2015 PRIMULA the best female blue at Great dane's show in Lodz!!!

    02.07.2015 PRIMULA's successs in Brno!!!

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    09.06-07.2014 Big PRIMULA's success at Hungary!!!

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    08.24.2014 PRIMULA's success at Sopot's show!!!

    08.01.14 Big POKER's successes at Lithuanian's show!!!

    06.29.2014 New success at Szczecin's show!!!

    06.08.2014 PRIMULA became the new Polish Champion!!!

    05.11.2014 POKER - new Polish Champion!!!

    05.01.2014 ONDINE became the new Polish Champion!!!

    04.27.2014 Myszatka's new achievements!!!

    04.18.2014 Easter is coming!!!!

    04.06.2014 PISTACJA became the new Polish Champion!!!

    03.08.2014 ONDINE' s Success at Show in Włocławek!!!

    03.01.2014 Next success of PRIMULA at international show!!!

    02.08.2014 Successful debut Myszatka's danes on Valentine and the Night Show in Bydgoszcz!!!

    Photo session of KAMEA as a model

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    12.31.2013 Year 2013 is finish....
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    12.24.2013 Merry Christmas is coming!!!!
    12.02.2013 PRIMULA started Polish Championship!!!
    11.26.2013 Added new achievements
    11.23.2013 New photos of PRIMULIA and PISTACJA
    11.22.2013 Added new photos of POKER
    11.17.2013 New photos of litter O
    09.11.2013 Added new photos of PISTACJA,PRIMULA and POKER
    10.27.2013 POKER Junior Winner of Poland 2013!!!
    10.26.2013 POKER as his siter PISTACJA started International and Polish Championship!!!
    29.09.2013  PISTACJA started International and with ONDINE Polish Championship!!!
    09.28.2013  Great POKER' s success  in Lithuania and Austria!!!!
    09.23.2013 We have puppies!!!
    09.22.2013 Great succes of Myszatka's danes on Great Danes Club Show in Lodz - PISTACJA and POKER Juniors Club Winners!!!
    08.04.2013 ONDINE - Junior Polish Champion!!!

    09.22.2013 Offsprings od KAMEA - POKER, PRIMULA, PISTACJA - Juniors Polish Champions!!!

    02.14.2013 We celebrate 30th anniversary of kennel Myszatka

    Welcome in the new Myszatka's website.